Kellogg doesn't want Brits facing a shortage of their second favorite potato chip brand.

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For Americans hearing the news all the way across the pond, the details of Brexit can be quite confusing. So as an American citizen who has been living in the United Kingdom since the Brexit vote, let me give you the inside scoop… No one has any damn clue what is going to happen. No one. That’s the problem. It’s like breaking up with your significant other: Will you accidentally leave some clothes at their place? Almost definitely. Will you really need those clothes at some point in the future? Well, hey, if you knew that, you wouldn’t have accidentally left them in the first place, would you?

All that’s known for sure is that things could go wrong, so many big companies are attempting to prepare. In November, news broke that Heineken was stockpiling alcoholic beverages in the U.K. just in case Brexit caused an issue with imports from their brewery across the channel in the Netherlands. And any good Brit will tell you that you can’t have a lager without crisps, so now, Reuters has reported that Kellogg is stockpiling extra Pringles in the U.K. in the lead-up to the March 29 Brexit day of reckoning.

Surprisingly, the American brand Pringles is actually the second most popular type of potato chips in the U.K. (after the British brand Walkers) with $342.6 million in sales last year, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, Pringles can reportedly last for up to 15 months in storage, so Kellogg figures why take any chances in hurting that bottom line? “We’re making plans and spending real money to mitigate impact,” CEO Steve Cahillane was quoted as saying. “That’s things like opening new warehouses, building inventory, preparing ourselves in the best possible way.”

But here’s an additional inside scoop from yours truly: Brits are also preparing themselves in the best possible way — going to the pub, avoiding the topic of Brexit entirely, and hiding their feelings in general. On the bright side, I’ve never seen a pub that sells Pringles crisps anyway, so we’ll be fine. We got Pipers Crisps. They’re delicious and come in proper English flavors like cheddar and onion. Yum!