Bacon and Mac ‘N Cheese Pringles will be available "while supplies last."

Credit: Pringles

Summer is officially cookout season. Time to fire up the grill, assuming the propane tank isn’t empty, which of course it is, so then you go gotta get that thing refilled, which isn’t cheap by the way, and then go get the meat and the fixin's, pick up some wine and beer, and buy some paper plates... Or, you know what, you could just throw some Pringles into a plastic bowl and get right to playing some cornhole. Now that’s a perfect cookout — and one Dollar General is prepared to help you with.

For the rest of the summer, Pringles is bringing two limited-time-only, somewhat-cookout-themed flavors exclusively to over 15,000 Dollar General locations across the U.S.: Bacon and Mac ‘N Cheese. As diehard crisps fans may recognize, neither of these flavors are entirely new: Pringles Bacon had a run on store shelves about five years ago. And Mac N’ Cheese was part of Pringles’ promotional Thanksgiving package from 2017, along with turkey-, stuffing-, and mashed potatoes-flavored chips. But for those of us living in the here and now, these flavors are apparently only available at Dollar General from now until August “while supplies last.” Whether they’ll pop up again after that is anybody’s guess.

Finally, as an added incentive to throw down for these $1.50 canisters (suggested retail price), Dollar General and Pringles are asking people to vote for which flavor is their favorite by tweeting their choice to @Pringles with the hashtag #PringlesEntry between July 22 and August 18. Sending your vote via Twitter will give you the chance to win Dollar General Gift Cards or other Pringles prizes.

Hey, and don’t forget, once you’ve dumped those Mac 'N Cheese and Bacon Pringles into that aforementioned plastic bowl, the newly emptied cans can be used for consuming wine. Cheers!