More like "the twelve days of crisp-ness."
pringles open container
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

If you are a lover of all things Christmas, you are sure to love the season’s quirky advent calendars. Thanks to Pringles, you can now turn that love of poppable surprises into a love for the poppable snack.

B&M Bargains, a variety retailer in the U.K., has released its own range of advent calendars, including a very popular Reese’s-themed product. This month they added a salty counterpart to the calendar mix, a holiday must-have for potato chip lovers. The red Pringles-themed calendar features 12 doors, each decorated with a different Christmas-y item. That includes gingerbread men, a holiday bell, and Santa’s hat. Behind each door lies the real treat, though. Each new day reveals its own 40g tub of Pringles with flavors like Texas BBQ Sauce, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, and Original.

pringles advent calendar uk
Credit: Courtesy of B&M

If you’re looking at where you might be able to grab one, that’s a little complicated, and because the calendar is a U.K. Pringles product partnership, getting in stateside is going to take a little extra work. According to B&M, there are limited quantities left in some stores, but many retailers have sold out of them relatively quickly. In an interview with The Sun, a B&M spokesperson discussed the company’s surprise at the item's popularity.

“We're the only retailer on the high street to stock this product," the B&M told The Sun. "We knew it would be popular but we didn't expect it to start selling out across the country this quickly—people can't get their hands on them fast enough."

Despite not being available online either here or across the pond, it is, however, becoming available online through eBay. There the chip-centric calendar is going for more than double what it’s being sold for in stores, with some listing as much as three times the amount its worth. The calendar is priced at around $10, but on the auctioning site, it has been seen going for more than $30—without shipping.

If you really want to get your hands on one, eBay is looking like the place to go. We’re sure once you’ve popped one festive door on this advent calendar, you won’t be able to stop.