The London bakery is known for its use of fresh flowers. 
Chocolate-Peppermint Brownies
Credit: © Kristin Perers

With an announcement this morning from Kensington Palace, one piece—or slice, if you will—of the royal wedding puzzle slid into place: Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle have hired London-based Violet Bakery to make their wedding cake. And while we know the inside of this confection won’t be filled with fruit cake, we’re still awaiting a few details about what we know will be an Instagram-worthy item.

Prince Harry and Markle have asked that their lemon-elderflower cake be decorated with buttercream and flowers. And even the quickest scan of pastry chef Clair Ptak’s previous creations shows she's up for the task. She's known for working with fresh flowers, so we can guess with some certainty the baker will use seasonal blooms atop this very special cake.

(Oh, the possibilities for a May wedding! Lisianthus. Ranunculus. Peonies. Roses.)

While we daydream about the actual wedding cake, you can find us endlessly scrolling through Ptak's gorgeous Instagram account. Fair warning: these gorgeous cakes may make you hungry for something sweet—or a second wedding.

This cake features eucalyptus, which means it smells as good as it looks and surely tastes.

It might be magic, but the icing on this cake is the exact subdued pink hue as the flowers on top.

This cake is made with mocha icing, making it the perfect sweet treat for coffee junkies too.

It seems Ptak is used to making cakes for public figures. This autumnal cake was created for chef Jamie Oliver's son.

There’s enough inspiration here to keep you busy, but if you, like us, need more, you can check out some of her recipes here (featuring the peppermint brownies above) and also turn to Ptak’s cookbook, The Violet Bakery Cookbook, where you can see photos of every sweet treat you can imagine—what are described as “nourishing breakfasts, snacks, desserts to share, fruit preserves, and stylish celebration cakes.”