This Is the Food Prince William and Kate Middleton Love to Order in

They get takeaway when they're binge watching TV.

William and Duchess Kate
Photo: © Max Mumby/Indigo / Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: They're just like us! Though the heirs to the British throne clearly have aspects of their life that few in the world could even comprehend, in some ways, Prince William and Kate Middleton are just a couple of thirty-somethings doing the same thing everyone else does—including spending nights in ordering delivery and binge watching TV shows.

During a 20 minute interview with BBC Radio 1, William and Kate began discussing the importance of raising awareness for mental health, but once that big topic was out of the way, the couple began to dish a bit about their day-to-day life.

When prompted about what they watch on TV, "We're both actually quite keen on box sets," which are what the Brits call on-demand TV, William replied, name checking Homeland and Game of Thrones specifically. And obviously, if you're going to stay in and watch the telly, you need some takeaway, (British for takeout food, even when it's delivered).

When asked if they're allowed to order in, Kate immediately responds with a huge grin, "Absolutely." William follows up, "It's very important." Questioned about their favorite, the couple agrees, "Curry"—which, just to clarify, almost always means Indian food in the UK. Though William does admit, "It's a real conundrum when it comes to a pizza, curry or Chinese." "You do struggle for choice sometimes," Kate tells him. "I'm not so good with the spicy food though," William responds like a proper Englishman. They really are like us

But here's the biggest secret of all: To protect their identity, the royal family can't order their food directly to the palace. "We tend to go pick it up," says William. "Not ourselves," he quick adds, for once sounding like a true king-to-be. But if you run a restaurant near Kensington Palace, know that William and Kate might be grubbing on your food while watching Game of Thrones.

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