Burger King, Budweiser Offer Prince Harry New Royal Duties

Is some part-time fast food work in the Duke of Sussex's future?

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex—better known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle—made global headlines after saying they planned to "step back" from their life as full-time working members of the British royal family.

Part of the issue is that Harry and Meghan said they would like to "work to become financially independent" outside of the confines of the monarchy. But if the couple wants to have their cake and eat it too, a couple of "royal" brands have recently offered job opportunities—albeit in what the Brits would call a "cheeky" manner.

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Yesterday, the esteemed leader know as Burger King tweeted out, "harry, this royal family offers part-time positions"—a humorous play on both the prince's royal status and on his desire to not work "full-time" (which is the exact wording used by the Queen in her statement on the matter).

Harry, who doesn't have a personal Twitter account, didn't respond. But the tweet did inspire a second offer. The couple is reportedly eyeing a split between time in the United Kingdom and Canada, which gave another "king" an idea. "Maybe he'd rather be second-in-line for the King of Beers," Budweiser Canada wrote in a Twitter reply to BK.

That zing may actually cut deeper: If you don't know how the British royal line of succession works, the kids of a first child get preference over a second child, so over the past seven years, as Prince William has had three kids, Prince Harry has seen his status drop from third in line to sixth. Clearly, Budweiser Canada was joking, but this quip actually gets a bit personal (at least by royal succession standards)!

Meanwhile, Dairy Queen's Twitter account appears to have yet to comment on "Megxit" or offer any jobs to either Henry or Meghan—because that's how truly royalty acts... with dignity.

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