Do you have what it takes?
Credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

If you've fanaticized about palling around with the Royals, but sadly find yourself either without blue blood or not married to an Earl, your best shot might be by way of the kitchen. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla recently posted an job listing on their website for a Sous Chef, and applications are due May 26th.

The job requires just forty hours of your time per week, but the standards are pretty high. According to the ad, finding and serving up organic and locally-sourced foods is a primary qualification. "You will be passionate about the quality of the food you provide, including its origins and sustainability," it reads. " They will have a City and Guilds Catering qualification, or equivalent, with an understanding, or working knowledge, of organic food."

Charles and Camilla are well-known foodies, so it's not surprising they would want a chef that's on-trend with the farm-to-table movement. There are also tales of the Prince of Wales nitpicking everything from the exact cooking time of his eggs (four minutes) to detailing the specs of the "perfect picnic sandwich," so you might have your work cut out for you.

But lest you think this is your chance to work with some top shelf exotic ingredients you've only seen on Iron Chef, according to a former Buckingham Palace chef, the Prince has always preferred game, produce and other ingredients, like wild mushrooms, directly sourced from his own estate and eschews things like caviar and truffles. As the job posting suggests, the would-be king and his wife are pretty healthy, clean eaters.

Of course, this position feeding the heir to the British monarchy isn't open to just anyone who can sling some foraged porcinis in a skillet. The other requirements call for someone with experience in royal houses or premier catering and who can juggle the entire planning, preparation and service of daily meals and special events. Still, whoever gets the gig will get to travel around the British Isles to some of the most fantastic residences, and have the ear of the next king.