There’s a lot to say about the first night the Best New Chefs come to NYC, and the party whirlwind that ensues. So details about last night's Faustina and Meatball Shop parties will be coming in the next post. For now, let’s talk about the after-after party—which took place at Pulino’s, Keith McNally’s just-opened Italian place on the Bowery, for which Nate Appleman is the chef (and an F&W BNC 2009). Let’s talk about how eight of this year’s 10 Best New Chefs made it to the end (a new record!). Let’s talk about finally getting to eat off Appleman’s late-night menu (featuring a stellar burger with caramelized onions, cheddar and a secret blend of La Frieda meat). Let’s talk about how people like chef Sam Mason just roll into Pulino’s with news of the next season of the IFC TV series Dinner with the Band (I really liked it last season, and I’m going to love it next season, when I get to see the Mountain Goats and Rufus Wainwright). Let’s talk about how Appleman was unbelievably chill after being arrested last week for carrying a pocket knife. For the record, he was going home for a quick run between lunch and dinner service, when he was surrounded by three police cars. Also for the record, he now has a new two-inch pocket knife. Which he no longer carries outside of work.