Credit: Courtesy of Lilia

Chef Missy Robbins, known for her stint at A Voce and her work Chicago restaurant Spiaggia – known to be an Obama family favorite – has opened a restaurant in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

Lilia serves rustic Italian fare and focuses on handmade pastas, as well as seafood and meat, made in a custom-built wood grill with an open kitchen. “I’m excited about all of the dishes! I do love the cacio peppe frittelle and the simplicity of the tilefish with salsa verde and coal roasted potatoes. Not to mention the rigatoni diabolo!” says Robbins.

While Robbins wasn’t originally intending to open a restaurant in Brooklyn, she was intrigued by the location in a former auto-body garage, with high ceilings and expansive windows. “The space is something that I just don’t feel I would have been able to find in Manhattan. I also live in city, so I was excited to be a part of a new community where I was able to open a more casual restaurant than I have done in the past,” says Robbins. She’ll do great in Brooklyn.