Celebrate the season's bounty of garden-fresh produce all year long by preserving your harvest. If you've never canned veggies or made jelly, don't worry. We have all the how-tos and recipes you need to fill your pantry with treats to enjoy when the summer is long gone.

Articles & Recipes

Heaven Preserve Us
A cookbook author reveals how she got hooked on canning and shares her tips for quick, easy and enjoyable preserving for the home cook. Plus, try her recipes for Jalapeño-Mint Jelly, Marinara Sauce and more.

Sour Power
Explore pickling with Food & Wine's Marcia Keisel and crunch on her Spiced Kirby Pickles and Mint and Cumin Pickled Carrots.

Harvest Boon
Discover a Midwestern chef's favorite ways to preserve fall farmers' market finds, such as Oven-Dried Zucchini and Reduced Cider.

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