I recently received a sample of a new, extremely compact version of Seal-a-Meal (a device my colleague Grace Parisi loves) called Vacu-Seal. It's a cordless, hand-held vacuum about the size of a immersion blender that sucks the air out of zipper-top Vacu-Seal bags filled with food, leaving them airtight and ready for storage. I love how compact the vacuum is, and although the bags are a little pricey, they are dishwasher safe so you can use them multiple times-a great plus for the environment. I particularly like how they prevent meat from developing frostbite. For me, living in New York City means not having a great deal of space in my kitchen and although I'd love to be able to have something the size of Seal-a-Meal in my close quarters it's just not possible with all the other kitchen equipment I have. Vacu-Seal takes up no space at all so I'm able to hide it in a drawer. Now if only my freezer was big enough to hold all my full Vacu-Seal bags.