Credit: © iStockphoto

As quickly as it arrived, powdered alcohol may be gone. At least temporarily. Yesterday we—and the rest of the Internet—came to life with reports that a new product called Palcohol had been approved for sale and would hit shelves in the fall.

The potential dangers of a powder that could turn water into booze are obviously many—the potential for abuse by minors, the possibility of snorting, the ability to surreptitiously drink almost anywhere. And now Palcohol is on hold, because its label approval has been rescinded. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau said in an email to the AP that the approval was given “in error.”

For its part, Palcohol says the labeling issue has to do with “fill level, how much powder is in the bag.” Palcohol was also quick to say on its website that its product still has approval, it’s just the labels that do not. The company plans to resubmit the labels, but as of now there is no expected approval date. And with no labels, there will be no Palcohol.

Robert Lehrman, an attorney whose firm focuses on federal regulation of alcoholic beverages and runs Bevlog, the blog that started the viral explosion of stories on Palcohol, isn’t so sure this labeling story checks out, though. He suggested that the bureau may be reacting to all the attention Palcohol garnered yesterday.

Amazing what going viral can do. We hope you’re happy, Internet—you broke Palcohol.