I am very excited about a catalog I received last week: the Maine Potato Catalog from Wood Prairie Farm, an organic business in Bridgewater, Maine. The company sells an extensive list of vegetables seeds and gardening supplies but I am most interested in the 17+ potato varieties with names like Island Sunshine, Cranberry Red and King Harry. Owners Jim and Megan Gerritsen are thrilled about a new "beautiful and delicious” potato they spent years developing called the Prairie Blush, which they describe as "a major discovery that marries great potato taste and quality with excellent suitability to organic growing.” You can order separate varieties or a sampler box. Or you can sign up for a potato-of-the-month package. I can't wait to try those Prairie Blush spuds in Lydie Marshall's "Braised Pork with Shallots and Potatoes" recipe.