The pair's "Beats + Bites" series brings together musicians and chefs.

Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Bravo has a brand new food series, but it doesn't involve up-and-coming chefs fighting for culinary supremacy. Instead, the web series is a look at the intersection of making music and creating dishes with an unlikely pair of hosts: Jazz musicians Ezra and Adeev Potash. Beats and Bites sees the brothers sitting down with both culinary and jazz superstars to converse about improvising in both the kitchen and on stage. Here are five things you need to know about the Potashes and their surprisingly rich food background.

1. They're identical twins

You're not seeing things. 24-year-olds Ezra and Adeev (or Ez and Dee, for short) are, indeed, twinning IRL.

2. They're jazz musicians

Adeev plays the trumpet while Ezra plays trombone, and they include Wynton Marsalis as one of their early mentors. The Potashes EP "The Potash Twins" landed at number nine on the iTunes Jazz Charts back in 2015. They've also been go-to entertainment for food festivals around the country, including Rick Bayless' James Beard Awards afterparty.

3. This isn't their first food show

While playing the Minneapolis jazz scene, the Potashes connected with travel show host and music fan Andrew Zimmern who produced a miniseries for the Travel Channel called Southern Road Trip with The Potash Twins. According to Bravo, they call Zimmern "Food Dad." But the Potashes say their love of exploring food was spurred early on by their mother who frequently traveled abroad for her job. She would bring back delicacies from other food cultures, introducing the twins to trying new flavors.

4. They're reality show winners... in China

The Potash Twins made a splash on China's answer to America's Got Talent, taking the top prize.

5. Andrew Zimmern introduced them to pork

The Potashes grew up in a vegetarian and kosher household. But, according to Bravo, their father gave them permission to eat pork if it was with either Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain. Little did they know they'd be spending Thanksgiving with Zimmern, who flew in a ham for the occasion and also but crab and shrimp on the menu for the Postashes to try.

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