Think of it as UberPOOL for pizza and pad thai. 
Credit: Milkos/Getty Images

Just a few months after debuting an autonomous delivery rover named Serve (it can carry 50 pounds, travel 30 miles, and—most importantly—it has two front lights that look like little eyes), Postmates is rolling out another new development: free group delivery. Called Postmates Party, the service allows you to have your meal delivered as a part of a group. Meaning, the food will still be delivered to each group member separately, but it'll be sent out all at once, with the delivery person making multiple stops along the way. Think of it as UberPOOL for pizza and pad thai.

Of course, it could take your food more time to arrive (and you run the risk of those dumplings getting cold), but in exchange for the inconvenience, Postmates waives their delivery fee. It's not nothing—sometimes that extra charge is the deciding factor in whether or not having that burrito come to you is worth it.

Postmates Party isn't available everywhere just yet—it's launching first in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, Orange County and Philadelphia. Navigating it seems pretty easy—users open the app, tap the Postmates Party tab, and the "trending merchants" (or, those experiencing a high volume of orders at the moment) will be shown to them. Once you join a "Party" at one of those "trending merchants," you have five minutes to place your order (so it helps to know exactly what you want ahead of time).

Although it's not yet clear if all restaurants on Postmates will have the option to participate in Postmates Party, the company specifically mentions that you'll be able to order from Shake Shack, Blaze Pizza, and The Halal Guys through the new service. Want to try Postmates Party out for yourself, but not sure what to order? Check out this list of the app's most popular dishes, by city.