"Stand with us in feeding America's neighborhoods. Stay open. Support immigrants' rights."
Credit: New York Daily News/Getty Images

"Our neighbors are immigrants, our partners are immigrants," reads the beginning of Postmates' new video, which posted to its YouTube channel on Monday afternoon. "There is no them; there is only we the people."

The video, called Celebrating the American Dream with our Partner: The Halal Guys, offers an inside look at the restaurant's inspiring, uniquely New York origin story. In search of a better life, Muhammed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed immigrated to New York City from Egypt in 1990. Abouelenein and his two partners launched the food cart that would later become an international phenomenon and a New York institution. That first location became a city-wide sensation, fast, attracting lines that circled around the Midtown block. Now, The Halal Guys have since grown to a multi-million dollar brand with 70 locations all over the world, and Muhammed’s son Ahmed Abouelenein is the CEO.

"I came to New York to get a better opportunity, make a good life," says Abouelenein in the video. "I consider New York, like you know, it is part of me now. This is everything for me. "

He recalls keeping the cart open all year—even through storms and disasters—to serve their food. One of the pioneering halal carts of New York City, The Halal Guys represents something greater than its parts.

Postmates, which counts The Halal Guys as a partner, ends the video with a strong political statement.

"Stand with us in feeding America's neighborhoods," reads the final frame of the video. "Stay open. Support immigrants' rights." They even offer a link to the ACLU—www.aclu.org/postmates—where people can donate to protect civil liberties.

Somewhat unrelatedly, we dare you to try watching this video without getting a gyro craving.

"The white sauce is our magic and signature sauce," he says. We absolutely agree.