Would you have dinner at Sinkles?
no food bag in grocery store
Credit: Courtesy of IFC

You may be ashamed to admit it, but you’ve probably done it before. Maybe you’re too tired to cook, it’s the middle of the night, or you just don’t have the energy to do dishes. So you wander over to the pantry or the refrigerator and you pull out the oddest assortment of food imaginable—peanut butter, stale crackers, Thai leftovers, deli meat—lean over the sink and stuff your make-shift snack into your mouth with your hands. Look, we’ve all been there. Sometimes when you’re hungry, you go to extremes. But would you be brave enough to eat over the sink at a public restaurant? A new sketch on Portlandia, in the form of a commercial, imagines just such a place, called Sinkles.

The restaurant has tables equipped with working sinks for one person at a time, while the menu features cold falafel, pita bread, natural peanut butter, smoked turkey slices, hummus, and rye toast. You don’t have to choose which snack you want to eat—your waiter brings you everything. You’ll have to stand while eating, and it’s an experience tailored for the solo diner, so as tempting as it might be, this is not a place to take your date. As for music, the restaurant features the ambient noise of a buzzing refrigerator.

Eating over the sink, in our reality at least, is probably a habit you should keep to yourself, but we’re all about reducing the stigma around our guilty pleasure eating habits. A real eat-over-the-sink restaurant may never actually open, but maybe the next time you get the urge to cover a slice of pita bread in peanut butter and eat it over the sink in the dead of night, you won’t feel so guilty. Just try to remember to eat a meal at the table every once in a while.