Fred Armisen is making unifying sushi that anyone can eat, but nobody wants to eat.

portlandia chefs table spoof
Credit: © IFC / Portlandia

Whether you tune in to Netflix's critically-acclaimed Chef's Table for the chefs, the food or the travel component, one thing's for certain: It's high end stuff.

Between the classical music, sweeping camera angles and bevy of high-brow press interviews, the docuseries oozes class, luxury and aspiration you never knew you desired in a show about food.

Because of its unique take on the industry and its seemingly targeted approach to a very specific, very affluent audience, it only made sense for IFC's Portlandia to parody it in one of the best ways possible: a skit about airport sushi chef Francis and his subpar restaurant Kuko.

Mastermind Fred Armisen, who plays chef Francis, begins by saying, “I want this to be the unifying sushi that anyone can eat, but nobody wants to eat." His goal is to serve the “most borderline not-sushi sushi in the world" that may also resemble eating "bits of plastic."

“I want to make it like we have no love for it," he says boldly, completely contradicting everything that's ever been said on the hit Netflix series.

The hilarity continues for nearly a minute and half with all of the familiar sites and sounds from Chef's Table. When a tray of sushi is sent back to the kitchen, Francis's reaction is to add the green plastic separator we get in all boxed sushi and send it back to the table.

Check out the full clip below. And if you lack a funny bone and are more focused on watching the actual series, you can check out the chefs featured in season three here.

Here's to hoping that Armisen and his Portlandia team introduce us to more apathetic, albeit eccentric chefs in the very near future.