The NBA team is collaborating with Portland-based company Brew Dr. Kombucha. 

Portland Trail Blazers Kombucha
Credit: Sam Forencich/Getty Images

When you’re imagining collaborations between sports teams or an athlete and a big company, you’re likely thinking of Nike sneakers or Gatorade commercials. That might be true for the most famous among their ranks, like Kevin Durant, but for an NBA team based in Portland—well, the story is a little different. Portland-based kombucha brand Brew Dr. Kombucha has announced that it has partnered with the Portland Trail Blazers on a special edition blend of the probiotic drink. Yes, the hipster haven has actually found a way to combine kombucha and sports—very fitting.

The new brew is called Special Edition Rip City Happiness Kombucha, and from now until the end of the NBA season (as late as mid-June, when the NBA Finals take place, for all of you who don’t follow sports), it will be on sale at Moda Center—Portland’s indoor sports arena—as well as other retailers in Oregon and Washington.

Brew Dr. Kombucha’s founder and CEO Matt Thomas said in a statement that part of the motivation for the partnership was for athletes to throw their support behind a healthy drink—and it is certainly noticeable that this collaboration isn’t a sponsorship for an energy drink, which may have been more profitable, but certainly doesn’t have the same supposed health benefits as kombucha (the drink contains live cultures, which can help with digestion and promote overall gut health, although, to be fair, one 2016 study found that probiotics might not actually be as beneficial as you think).

“Athletes at every level are paying more attention to organic and healthy diet choices,” he said, according to Bev Net. “[Kombucha] is a drink for our time, from players to fans, to kids playing youth sports. We’re thrilled the Blazer organization recognized this opportunity to support a healthy beverage option for its fans.”

Moda Center is also moving toward supporting more local food and beverage businesses in the concession stands. This is the first time that kombucha will be available in an NBA arena, according to Thomas.