The iconic Chicago hot dog chain has also added an engagement photo package.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 20, 2019

Even if your favorite Chicago-style hot dog comes from one of the city’s other well-known purveyors, no one can deny that Portillo’s is a Windy City institution. The local chain has been piling pretty much everything but ketchup on dogs since 1963—meaning it’s an indelible part of many Chicagoans’ life. Now, Portillo’s can be an indelible part of your wedding, too.

Jumping on the trend of chain restaurant-themed wedding events, Portillo’s has unveiled its own official wedding and engagement packages. Yes, that includes food options, of course, but for diehard fans who don’t take life too seriously, that also includes in-restaurant engagement photoshoots, as well.

“Customers can take their love—for each other and hot dogs—to the next level with a professional wedding photography session in a local Portillo’s restaurant,” the brand explains. “Betrothed couples will receive the service of a Portillo’s provided photographer for up to two hours, a $25 gift card, and bridal swag—two Portillo’s crewneck tees, branded reusable water bottles, and custom-made hot dog cuff links.” The whole package—which is only available in Illinois locations—will run couples $900.

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Meanwhile, if offering a bit of iconic Chicago grub to your guests is more of the Portillo’s vibe you’re after, the chain now has that covered, as well. The brand’s “Newlywed Spread catering package for late night bites” offers enough food for over 100 guests including Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs with toppings on the side to deal with any after-party munchies—and hopefully preemptively fight off any post-wedding hangover. Adding to that cause is even a flowing Cheese Sauce Fountain served with Portillo’s signature crinkle-cut fries and onion rings. Frankly, that sounds like a winner even if you’ve never even heard of Portillo’s before. Oh, and by the way, the fountain is yours to keep! (Though the cheese sauce refills are on you.)

Finally, though catering is only available within a local restaurant’s delivery area, Chicagoans-at-heart looking to bring a taste of the city to other parts of the U.S. do have one more option: the Love at First Bite Shop-N-Ship package. “Available for shipping anywhere in the United States, customers receive food for 50 guests, including hot dogs, Italian Beef sandwiches, condiments and a Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake,” the chain explains. “Each package also includes Portillo’s paper hats and checkerboard tablecloth, for $399”—which includes standard two-day shipping.

Considering all the insane expenses that people allow to pile up for a wedding, these Portillo’s packages actually sound like could be pretty popular. And let’s be honest: Any wedding that ends with you carelessly shoving a hot dog in your mouth was probably a good wedding—no matter what city you’re from.