Credit: Courtesy of Roccbox

Pizza anywhere and everywhere just became possible. With a successful $1,000,000+ Indigogo campaign under way, Roccbox is making your piping hot pizza dreams come true. The chic pizza oven is the work of UK designer and entrepreneur Tom Gozney, and backers can get their own for just $529 plus shipping. The stylish outer shell is made of silicone and comes in grey and bright green, but the form is just icing on the cake for it's insane functionality. The Roccbox contains a stone floor and heats up to 930º F in about 15 minutes. From there, you can cook Neapolitan style pizzas in just 90 seconds, as well as everything from crispy fish to veggies to steaks.

If you're considering upgrading your camping trip to a glamping trip (and why wouldn't you?), cooking implements are the perfect starting point. The compact oven with foldable legs weighs in at about 45 lbs., so it's more ideal for car camping and patio or beach use.The Roccbox is powered by propane or wood fuel, and is rated as safe as any other grill or camp stove. The current wave of Roccboxes will arrive to customers in July. Looks like the location of your next pizza party is only limited by your imagination.