Credit: © Marissa Bialecki

Some restaurant folks invent their own sandwiches. But some really step it up to the next level by inventing their own sandwich meats. And Washington, DC’s Red Apron Butchery has come up with a sandwich fixing so perfect we can’t believe we haven’t seen it before: porkstrami.

Yes, that’d be the decidedly unkosher fusion of two truly delicious foodstuffs: pork and pastrami. “As a whole-animal butcher shop, we are always looking for ways to utilize different muscles without having to grind them,” says chef-turned-butcher and porkstrami mastermind Nate Anda. “It came about when we had some extra pork sirloin and some leftover pastrami brine.”

The filling. While the porkstrami is, of course, the star of the show, it’s backed up by equally reimagined accessories; Anda calls it “a sort of anti-Reuben,” with bacon-braised sauerkraut and whole-grain mustard aioli.

The bread. A crusty baguette holds the whole thing together.

Where to get it:

Red Apron Butchery, with locations at Union Market, Merrifield and Penn Quarter. Though menus and selections differ at all three shops, the porkstrami is a mainstay with a cult following; we’re guessing it’ll be on the menu for a long time to come.