And, according to their research, New Yorkers tip better than residents of any other U.S. city. 
Credit: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Food delivery companies get a unique insight into the secret tastes of Americans. Afterall, the meals that people order to eat at home, perhaps on a soup-stained couch in front of Real Housewives, vary greatly from the meals they'd eat on dates or cook themselves. This is why we were especially interested in Postmates' year-in-review data, which studied the ordering habits of users across the country ordering from over 200,000 food vendors.

The app gleaned some interesting fun facts. The best Postmates tipper, for example, tipped over $11,000 this year on more than 600 orders. (New Yorkers tip more often than people in Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to their research.) Another fun but not-so-surprising fact? 72% of Chipotle’s customers will buy repeatedly through the end of the year.

Below, find the most popular Postmate orders of 2018 in their most popular markets. (Note: The ranking excludes chains.)

  1. Los Angeles: Joan’s on Third (Chinese Chicken Salad)
  2. Miami: Night Owl Cookies (Birthday Cake)
  3. San Francisco: Papalote Mexican Grill (Side of Papalote Roasted Tomato Salsa)
  4. Las Vegas: Taco y Taco (Street Taco)
  5. Kansas City: TiKiTaco (39th Street Taco)
  6. Denver: Zoe Ma Ma (Original Potsticker)
  7. Washington DC: Ted's Bulletin (Ted’s Tart)
  8. Orange County: Nguyen's Kitchen (Garlic Noodles)
  9. Chicago: Cheesie's Pub & Grub (The Tenderizer)
  10. New York City: JG Melon (Cottage Fried Potatoes)
  11. Nashville: McDougal's Chicken (Small Basket)
  12. St. Louis: Poke Doke (Build Your Own Regular Poke)
  13. Mexico City: Las Quekas Factory (Quesdillas)
  14. Seattle: Tacos Chukis (Tacos)
  15. Oklahoma City: S&B's Burger Joint (French Fries)
  16. Charlotte: Fuji Hibachi & Teriyaki Grill (Chicken Hibachi)
  17. Sacramento: Flakos Takos (Tacos)
  18. Atlanta: Fellini's Pizza (Large Cheese Pizza)
  19. New Orleans: Felipe's Mexican Taqueria - Uptown (Super Burrito)
  20. Phoenix: Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soup (Two Enchiladas)
  21. Portland: Cha! Cha! Cha! (House Tacos)
  22. San Diego: Pop Pie Co.(5" Classic Chicken Pot Pie)
  23. Long Beach: Taqueria Don Jorge (Tacos)
  24. Brooklyn: Pokébāb (Build Your Own Poke Bowl Regular)
  25. Tucson: Riliberto's Fresh Mexican Food-Open 24 hours (Street Tacos)

GrubHub conducted a similar study, but their most popular, most-ordered dish of the year was the black bean burrito.