Bumble is already popular in New York, but it may be even more popular now.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated June 02, 2017

Still trying to think of an awesome, under-the-radar bar to suggest for that first date you've got coming up this weekend? In a few months' time, that scenario may be answered by the very app that set you up on the date to begin with.

At least, it will be if this first brick-and-mortar location opened by a dating app is a success. Bumble, the app on which women make the first "move," is opening up a bar in New York City that will operate throughout the month of June. Given the fact that the app currently has millions of users, we can see this being a huge hit. That is, if people are willing to give it a try.

The hang-out spot is called The Hive, it's bright yellow, and, yes, it sort of looks like a beehive. It’s intended as "a place for dates to meet, friends to do activities together, and co-working for our bizz users," as Whitney Wolfe, Bumble’s founder and CEO, told Mashable.

Bizz, a play on "buzz," is the app's non-romantic, career networking offshoot. That means not everyone in the space will be on a first date, which makes the entire thing a whole lot less cringeworthy.

"Bumble has allowed you to build your hive digitally," Wolfe continued, elaborating on her reasons for opening the new space. "And now we're giving you an extension of that physically."

Not only is there a coffee bar and a regular bar, making just about any kind of date a possibility, there'll also be partner events with Whispering Angel Rosé and popular blowout salon Drybar.

Oh, and last but not least, there's also a "dick pic wall" with pictures of famous people named Richard. Apparently you can't avoid those offensive (even if punny) images in off-line dating, either.

...On second thought, we might stick to our go-to spots for now. But if you're in New York this month, be sure to check this place out—if only to say you did.