PopSockets released a colorful line of PopThirst koozies.
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PopSockets PopThirst
Credit: PopSockets

A couple of weekends ago, I was scrolling through the Dateline NBC online store because I am obviously very cool and that's what cool people do at 9:30 on a Friday night. As I was seriously debating whether I needed a blanket or a Christmas ornament screenprinted with a photo of all five correspondents (or both), I noticed an entire section of the store dedicated to PopSockets.

Oh heck yes, for less than $20 bucks, you can semi-permanently affix Keith Morrison and his most skeptical facial expression to the back of your phone. When I clicked the 'Buy from Amazon' button, I thought that PopSockets, as a concept, had both peaked and bottomed out. (I may or may not have thought the same thing about my own life). But I'm totally re-evaluating that assessment because the company has just launched a line of PopSocket can holders and cup sleeves.

The new PopThirst line takes the PopSocket concept and sticks it to either a soft foam can koozie, or an equally soft sleeve that's been sized to fit a coffee cup. Both versions have built-in PopGrips to fit whatever swappable PopSocket you're feeling that day. (Some days you're Keith Morrison, some days you're Andrea Canning. You do you.)

The company says that they've been "designed with a non-slip foam material that prevents hand slippage" and have a "compact design [that] collapses flat for no-fuss pocketability and storage," but, like, that's exactly what every can koozie does too. (PopSocket apparently wants us to believe that someone, somewhere has bailed on using a koozie because it was just too unwieldy to carry out of the house.)

But again, unlike that can holder you got for free when you opened a savings account, the PopThirsts all have PopSockets on them "for the ultimate grasp," which, uh, will be great if you ever forget how your thumbs work. As of this writing, there are more than a dozen different PopThirst can holder and cup sleeve patterns available, including basic black, a beer print that comes with a gold pop-top-style PopSocket, and a retro floral design that pretty much says "My Pumpkin Spice Latte order will be unnecessarily complicated."

The entire PopThirst line is available on the PopSockets website, and they retail for $15 each. I just can't decide which one will look the best with that Dateline blanket.

PopThirst Can Holder, $15 at popsocket.com

PopThirst Cup Sleeve, $15 at popsockets.com

See all the color options here.