We're a little bit grossed out. And a little bit intrigued.


We'll go ahead and blame Kentucky Fried Chicken for this one. Their Mother's Day chicken-flavored chocolate must have been the impetus for one of their deep-frying competitor's latest development. Back in May, KFC auctioned off boxes of the chocolates on Facebook, with each box featuring two creative flavors: The first was a "nutty and creamy milk chocolate truffle topped with 23 carat gold leaf and seasoned with the Colonel's eleven secret herbs and spices," and the other was "a dark chocolate truffle infused with their signature hot and spicy marinade."

Now, another fast-food chain is getting ready to corner the savory-sweet market, and once again, we're not sure we're totally ready for what they've got to offer. The chain in question is Popeyes, and they're making waves across the food world with their cookie-coated chicken tenders.

It's wacky, it's unexpected, and it's got a name: "Sweet and Crunchy" chicken.

Oh, and they're not just coated with any old cookie. According to Business Insider, the brand is using a shortbread cookie breading in lieu of the coating that normally blesses the chicken at Popeyes. There's also a special sauce to go along with it (don't dare try dipping this in some plain old barbecue sauce). It's a sugary, sweet-and-sour tasting pepper jam infused with a little kick of heat from habanero chiles.

The news outlet reported that the offering, as unsavory as it sounds, is actually pretty "subtle." There's less sweetness than you might think, which means the cookie doesn't get a chance to "overwhelm the chicken." As for the dipping sauce, though...that stuff's saccharine sweet.

Like all good and strange things, however, the cookie-chicken combo will only be around for a limited time at participating Popeyes locations around the country. You can grab yours through June 25th. Start thinking of hilarious Instagram captions now...and maybe don't eat for a few days beforehand so you're actually hungry enough for this, um, delicacy.

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