Order in Texas, eat in New Orleans.

Waiting at the drive-thru, especially when you’re hungry, can feel like an eternity. And while most fast food restaurants are attempting to get your combo meal out the window and into your car as quickly as possible (Burger King currently holds the title for that), Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has something a little slower in mind. The fried chicken chain has set up a drive-thru that’s 849 miles long and takes 12 hours to receive your order.

Credit: Courtesy of Popeyes

Next month, just outside of Fort Stockton, TX, drivers will find an orange menu screen and speaker sitting, seemingly, in the middle of nowhere. But like any drive-thru, once they pull up, a voice will take their order and ask them to pull ahead... to New Orleans. Yes, at this particular kiosk, hungry fried chickens fans will need to order well in advance and then make the drive to Popeyes’ flagship location on Canal Street just inside the French Quarter.

To promote the concept, today Popeyes released a video showing hungry travelers ordering in Texas and taking Interstate 10 east toward Louisiana. Along the way they’re greeted by billboards and banners making how long they have to go, as well as (the whole point of the stunt) how long their chicken has been marinating. That’s right, the 12-hour drive-thru is meant to showcase the fact that Popeyes marinates its chicken for half a day before it’s battered and fried, which, like a slow drive-thru, flies in the face of a lot of fast food presumptions.

But it’s more than just an attempt at a viral video. The 12-hour drive-thru will open to the public beginning Friday, November 9 at noon and take orders through 12 p.m. on November 10. Additionally, anyone who signs up to make the trip in advance will be eligible to win a year of free chicken. Find out more at 12hrdrivethru.com.

Credit: Courtesy of Popeyes

If you’re not in Texas, you can share the above YouTube video on Twitter and also be entered into the 12 months of free chicken giveaway. So it's up to you: Just click "share" on a video or hop in the car with some friends and hit to road to NOLA. You may have heard "it's not about the destination, it's the journey," but in this case with freshly fried chicken waiting for you, it just might be both.