Kellogg’s dropped the ‘crunch’ from the name but not from the cereal itself.
Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry Cereal
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Pop-Tarts were originally billed as a breakfast food — though as the number of wild varieties has continued to grow over the decades, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re better suited for dessert. During last year’s taste test of 21 different Pop-Tart iterations, flavors like Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry Milkshake were more common than the classic Unfrosted Strawberry. In 1994, however, Kellogg had an idea to re-up Pop-Tarts breakfast cred — Pop-Tarts Crunch cereal — but apparently, by 1995 the cereal was gone… leaving only a few painfully ‘90s commercials in its wake.

But whether it’s Crystal Pepsi or fruit-shaped Trix, plenty of brands have been turning to ‘90s nostalgia as a way to grab customers’ shortening attention spans — meaning Pop-Tarts cereal is back… albeit with a slightly different look and name.

This time around, 25 years later, Kellogg’s has dropped the “Crunch” and anointed this “NEW!” (as the label states) line of products as simply Pop Tarts Cereal. Fans of the toaster pastry have two flavors to choose from: Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. But despite the name change, the new version of Pop-Tarts cereal seems to be relatively similar to the one you may have grown up with (depending on your age). The description states that the Pop-Tarts Cereal features “a crispy shell and fruity flavored filling,” creating “the perfect combination of sweet favor and crunchy texture, topped with sprinkles for even more fun.” (For what it’s worth, the description also states “no toaster required,” so put as much stock in it as you’d like.)

Pop-Tarts Frosted Brown Sugar Cereal
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

According to Walmart, the massive retail chain is the exclusive place to get your Pop-Tarts Cereal fix — and feeding your inner ‘90s child will cost you $3.64 per box. Meanwhile, Walmart wants to remind you that the chain also sells Oreo O’s cereal, Sour Patch Kids cereal, Dippin’ Dots cereal, Chips Ahoy cereal, and Nilla Banana Pudding cereal — because a cereal should never just be a cereal… it should also be something else.