The new product from Kellogg’s will hit stores in December.
Strawberry Pop-Tart Bites
Credit: Courtesy of Pop-Tarts

Food doesn’t get much easier than Pop-Tarts. Toss one in a toaster or a microwave, and its ready to eat before you know it. Not feeling up to such extensive cooking? You can also eat them straight out of the package. Okay, but what if you’re crumb-adverse? Now, Kellogg’s got that covered too with new Pop-Tarts Bites—the first actual Pop-Tarts that you can easily eat in one mouthful. (For the record, Pop-Tarts Crunch cereal was a whole other thing.)

Set to hit stores this December, Pop-Tarts Bites are billed as “everything that’s great about Pop-Tarts—soft crust, filling and frosting—in bite-sized pieces for snacking anytime and anywhere.” Yes, if for some reason you were still deluding yourself into thinking that Pop-Tarts could only be eaten for breakfast, these new bite-sized Pop-Tarts want to blow that misconception out of the water. Upon release, Pop-Tarts Bites will be available in two classic Pop-Tarts flavors: Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Frosted Strawberry.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop-Tart Bites
Credit: Courtesy of Pop-Tarts

Another thing that remains the same with Pop-Tarts Bites is that—just like with regular Pop-Tarts—the Bites will come in prepackaged pouches. Each box will contain five 1.4-ounce, 150-calorie pouches—though precisely how many “Bites” that adds up to isn’t clear. Still, if you’re going to fill a box with tiny Pop-Tarts, it’s probably best for society that they come divvied up into predetermined servings lest we sit there reaching into the box until every last one is gone.

Meanwhile, if you want to get a preview of Pop-Tarts Bites for yourself, they’ve been unveiled at Kellogg’s NYC Café—which is currently being rebranded as the Pop-Tarts Trick & Treat Café. Sneak peaks of the new product are being offered to visitors until tomorrow, October 27. If you decide to drop in, you’ll also be privy to a number of other Pop-Tarts creations like a “Finger Freezer Milkshake” made with Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts and “Zombie Eye Tart-Pops” which are said to be Pop-Tart balls occasionally filled with “a tongue-twisting, sour surprise.”