As if a pastry shaped like a fried egg weren't weird enough already, this Sanrio pastry vomits cream and poops chocolate. The sweet is based on the character Gudetama, an anthropomorphized egg yolk characterized by his laziness and sleepiness,

The Gudetama cartoon character comes from Sanrio, the company that brought Hello Kitty and Keroppi into your childhood. And the exploding pastry is just one feature of a larger, equally weird project: a pop-up Gudetama café occupying Hong Kong's YATA grocery store for one month, created by Japan-based curry chain Izumi Curry. This strange, highly 'grammable café also features Gudetama chairs and pillows, balloons, dishes, elaborate wallpaper and all kinds of meals made to look like the character.

This isn't the first bit of whimsical weirdness that Izumi Curry has brought to YATA. Before this Gudetama café, YATA housed a way-bizarre Mr. Potato Head café, and, before that, a café that paid tribute to Kumamon, the cute-slash-creepy bear mascot of Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture.