Some delivery services and many restaurants have temporarily closed. 
Chicago Storm
Credit: JOSHUA LOTT/Getty Images

It’s dangerously cold in the Midwest right now—at the time this article was written, Chicago had dipped to -21 degrees Fahrenheit (the current projected low is -21 and the high is -12, according to The Weather Channel tweeted that this morning was the coldest Chicago had experienced in 34 years, and their “all-time record low” was set. And it’s not expected to get warmer until Thursday morning. For safety reasons, supermarkets like Trader Joe’s are closing across the city, universities are shut down for the day (some even into Thursday morning), and businesses are shuttering too, reports The Chicago Tribune—and that includes restaurants and bars.

For Chicago residents and visitors alike, both dining out and ordering in are going to be treacherous for the next few days—or as long as this frigid weather continues. If you’re in the area, we’ve gathered a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

Don't try to dine out

Seriously, don’t go outside, if you can help it. The National Weather Service issued an alert earlier today stating that “dangerous cold will persist through Thursday morning.” Wind chills could be as low as -50 Fahrenheit this afternoon, and you could get frost bite in “as little as five minutes.” The alert goes on to explain that wind will be blowing snow around, which could affect visibility while you travel.

Tons of restaurants are closed

The city is currently in the middle of restaurant week (January 25 to February 7)—but the weather has forced over 200 restaurants and bars in the city to close Wednesday, reports Eater. The list includes everything from Stephanie Izard’s Little Goat (other Boka Group restaurants will still be open, according to The Chicago Tribune) to Vie, by Paul Virant. For now, many are scheduled to reopen on Thursday, January 31; however, if the weather persists, this may be subject to change.

If you really need delivery, tip wayyyyyyy extra

If you manage to find a restaurant that’s open, on GrubHub or Seamless, etc., and still running deliveries—please, make sure you tip your delivery person very, very generously for the trouble of braving the weather. CBS Chicago expects the roads to be icy tonight, and “more accidents than normal” have already occurred. (Caviar has temproarily shut down delivery.) So if you can manage with the food you have at home, we’d recommend it.