By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 15, 2016

Since the launch of Pokémon GO, Pokémon have been invading our world left and right. They've ended up on our streets, in our homes, and, it turns out, sometimes even in our food. Whether they're are hanging around your liquor cabinet or narrowly avoiding becoming lunch themselves, you're going to want to get your phone camera ready.

1. Exeggcute in a Skillet

One lucky trainer found an Exeggcute right in his skillet! Of course, you may want to crack these guys out of their shells before you put them on the stove.

2. A Glass of Horsea

Redditor Fluffy2253 was recently forced to share her glass of water with a wild Horsea. Of course, given the menu pictured, it's lucky for that Horsea that it didn't end up drunk swimming in a pint of lager.


3. Eevee Working the Counter at Chipotle

SeantheSheep3 on Reddit was in for a surprise when he went to order his Chipotle burrito and found himself talking to an Eevee. Now, this begs an important question. Which do you feel more strongly about: your go-to Chipotle order or your favorite Eeveelution?


4. Eevee Getting Eeten

Some Eevees are less lucky, and end up on the other side of the fork. This poor guy is about to get eaten by Twitter user @_AlexHirsch.

5. Krabby Avenging the Loss of Its Family

This Krabby is not okay with the fact that you're eating its friends and family. This trainer went in expecting a peaceful seafood dinner and instead ended up finding an angry family member seeking revenge.

6. Oddish Getting Turnt

Oddishes may look cute and innocent, but, as @NobodyEpic on Twitter shows us, Oddishes like to have a good time as much as anyone. With not one but two bottles of booze, this Oddish clearly knows how to turn up. Just be careful it doesn't get too lit: fire is super effective against grass-type!

7. Magikarp Sashimi

This sushi counter has fish so fresh that it's still flapping around. Redditor TulipsandSauerkraut found a Magikarp hanging ourt with its fallen brethren, presumably in mourning.


8. Charmander Frying Tortilla Chips

One Facebook user finally solved the age-old question of "What's the fire on Charmander's tail for?"