By Joey Skladany
Updated August 22, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Down N' Out

If you live in Sydney and are looking to reward yourself after hours of Pokemon-catching, look no further than Down N’ Out’s Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander burgers.

The adorable eats are available at the restaurant’s pop-up store, CBD, and you can get them until September 3. creative director Ben Kagan meticulously planned and designed each burger to reflect the personality and appearance of the famous anime characters.

"The flavors and the ingredients match the Pokemon’s style, character and color. The Charmander is a little bit spicy, there’s kind of a volcanic cheese dripping off it," Kagan divulged Mashable Australia.

"The Bulbasaur is grassy and cleaner, but it tastes like a Big Mac actually – which is quite nice. The Pikachu is a bit sillier, with our ‘tiger fries’ through it."

Burgers will be accompanied with collectible recipe cards, but you won't want to indulge too often. The human Jigglypuff is not as cute as the cartoon one.