Credit: © Closer

Here’s a common party problem: You’re standing around mingling with a drink in one hand and a plate in the other. Suddenly, the cold realization hits: With both my hands occupied, I have no way to eat those cocktail wieners.

There’s nowhere to set your drink down. You break out in a cold sweat. Eating and drinking while socializing isn’t always easy. An Indiegogo campaign for a new style of plate is hoping to fix the problem.

Closer is a plate with a built-in wineglass holder that, “much like an artist’s palette,” also allows users to grip it with their thumb. The result is an all-in-one plate/bowl/glass holder that “makes it easy to chat, mingle and enjoy great food and drinks without that awkwardness”—minus the awkwardness of having to explain why you brought your own plate to the party.

Despite its somewhat odd (though definitely clean) appearance, Closer certainly sounds practical, not just for eating purposes, but also for freeing up a hand for everything from handshakes to ignoring other party guests by using your smartphone. However, at $25 a pop, it’d be pretty expensive to purchase enough of them to really throw a swinging shindig. Also, those of us who prefer beer or other beverages not served in a wineglass are out of luck.