Pyramid-shaped boxes similar to the one in our story can be purchased at Beaucoup ($2; 877-988-2328). But if you want to make them yourself, like we did, here's how.

1) We scanned the runner fabric into a computer and printed the pattern on satin-finish “Premium” photo paper ($10 for 15 sheets;

2) We created a template for making the box. A similar one can be found at Print out the template.

3) Trace the template onto the photo paper or a paper of your choice. A heavyweight card stock works best.

4) Cut the paper along the solid lines and fold it on the dotted lines.

5) Place the cookie or other gift on the bottom of the box. Slide the end of the ribbon attached to the name card into the top of the pyramid, then slide the flap into the slit to close the box and hold the ribbon in place. (We used a 1/8-inch hole punch on the vellum name card and threaded 1/8-inch-wide ribbon through the hole.)