Improve all your pictures with a slice of pizza. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 25, 2017
abiwoo / Getty Images

A new app—one that it’s frankly shocking did not exist before—lets you stick pictures of slices of pizza all over your photos.

Pizzafy, the either incredibly useful or completely random app, depending on how much you love pizza, was invented by Alicia Lu after she tried to send her friends a photo of herself being rained on by pizza, but couldn’t find anything in the Apple App Store that would let her quickly and easily create her masterpiece.

"I figured if there was technology that could turn you into an anime deer or swap your face with someone else's, surely there was an app that would allow you to insert photorealistic pizzas into photos," Lu told Forbes.

Thanks to Lu, you can now download her app (for free), and decorate photos of your cute baby, your sleeping pet, and your selfies, with photorealistic slices of cheese and pepperoni pie (or entire pies for an extra fee of $1.99, if you’re that excited about putting pizza on everything).

Lu shot all the photographs of the pizza that the app uses herself using pizza from the Brooklyn restaurant Gino’s. Lu told Forbes that Gino’s makes “classic, quintessential pizzas, perfect for the app."

Although the app only launch on July 22nd, Lu already has pie-in-the-sky dreams of expanding: She hopes to add seasonal pizzas, such as a heart shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day to the app, and even wants to join forces with local pizzerias.

Lu also said that she just wants to "bring the world together through their favorite food. More than any other food, pizza is a cultural icon.”

Pizzafy's Instagram account proves that people have been getting creative with this beloved food, putting it in space, next to Beyonce, and even in a pool. Clearly Lu's app has proven that pizza improves everything.