Plus a robot that can open and chug a bottle of Champagne.
Credit: Dmitry_Tsvetkov/Getty Images

Most weeks the Internet is a bevy of odd and wonderful food finds, and this week is no exception. From a yoga class that incorporates pizza, to an epic fast food promposal, to a song about the extravagance of gilded chicken wings, here are some of the viral, curious, and downright funny things we've seen popping up our feeds this week.

Pizza Yoga

This is what yoga must be like in heaven.


Celebrities + bread = puns. This hashtag, like so much yeast dough, continued to rise and expand this week with all of the carb-loaded celeb names you could ever hope to find.

Burger King asks Wendy's to prom

Dairy Queen must be miffed.

A robot that can open and drink Champagne

In the future, robots will take over. And apparently, they'll celebrate by popping Champs.

Best Buy x Bud Light

Best Buy's recently redesigned logo is being compared to Bud Light's branding. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

No Frills "Hauler" shirts

Canadian grocer No Frills put out a hip-looking line of shirts that celebrate discount shopping.

The saga of the man who spilled his soda in a bathroom stall

Joe Grabinski brought his soda into a restroom stall (ew). He spilled it (ew). He tweeted about it (lol). Click through to follow his entire, admittedly embarrassing, experience.

Liquid chocolate spills over Polish highway

Oh, the humanity!

Tim Heidecker’s golden chicken wing ballad

After seeing this interview about the creation of Jonathan Cheban's $1,000 golden chicken wings for The Ainsworth, comedian Tim Heidecker wrote this ditty inspired by some of the more priceless quotes from the interview. With that, we'll leave you with the refrain:

We could have done anything,
But we settled on gold encrusted chicken wings.