Turns out that even when pizzerias use a system, those systems can vary wildly.

how much cheese is extra cheese
Credit: Nadinlargo / Getty Images

It's the riskiest order on a pizzeria's toppings list: extra cheese. Not that it's risky for your taste buds; everyone knows the best type of cheese is "extra." Instead, it's risky because you can never really quantify what you paid for. Is that really "extra" cheese? How much was supposed to be on the pizza to begin with? For all, you know, maybe that's less cheese! Frustrated by this conundrum, someone decided to pose the questions to the site Reddit. "Pizza Workers of Reddit," the user asked, "when we order extra cheese, how much more do we really get?" The wide variety of responses may surprise you.

As should probably be expected, both extremes existed. Some pizza shops had a specific system. "I worked at a local pizza joint for a bit. We had 8", 10", and 14" pizzas," one Redditor wrote, explaining that they doled out a specific amount of cheese, from 3/4 to 2 cups, depending on the size. When an order for extra cheese came in, that number was doubled. "Yea. We actually gave you double cheese." Meanwhile, an employee at a large pizza chain supposedly took a less exacting approach. "idk we just sprinkle more cheese on," another Redditor quoted their friend as saying.

Complicating matters further is that even though some restaurants had a system, no two systems seemed to be alike. "Papa johns large pizza gets 2 scoops of cheese. Extra cheese is an additional half cup," wrote one user. But at another unnamed pizzeria, the system was completely different. "I can't speak for all places but where I work it's 2 ounces of cheese no matter what size pizza you get," another Redditor wrote. "The 12 inch that comes with 6 oz already, 2 oz. The 18 inch that comes with 12 oz, still only 2 oz for the whole pizza according to our policy."

Interestingly, one of the biggest revelations had nothing to do with extra cheese at all: Apparently, a cheese pizza get more cheese than other types of pizza. "I worked a pizza hut for awhile," a user wrote. "Each pizza gets two cups of cheese except for a plain cheese pizza which gets three cups. If you order extra cheese we give you another half cup."

But the good news is that, even though not every place has a system – or at least the employees didn't care to follow it if these pizzerias did – at least some Good Samaritan pizza employees would simply aim to please. "I never do exact measurements … because who has time for that?" someone wrote. "I just throw a shit ton of cheese on." Where do you work again, dude?