Washington D.C.-based chain &Pizza embedded one of its oblong pies in resin to create a delicious-looking deck.

By Jelisa Castrodale
Updated September 10, 2019
&Pizza Skateboard
Credit: courtesy of MSCHF Internet Studios

If fast-casual pizza chain &Pizza has a flex, it's that it constantly tries to demonstrate that it's not like other pizza restaurants — or not like other restaurants, period. The Washington, D.C. based pizza-maker lists "Change The Game" as one of its core values, has zero problem calling out Domino's and Papa John's by name, and offers tattoos of its ampersand logo as an employee benefit. (The company estimates that around 100 of its 'tribe members' have taken them up on that free ink offer).

"Our company is all about experience and connection,” &Pizza founder and CEO Michael Lastoria told PMQ Pizza Magazine. “We wanted to take one of our favorite pastimes and reinvent it, creating an urban, progressive and somewhat edgy experience, one where pizza is the focal point but serves as more—as a vehicle for connecting people who think differently.”

Unsurprisingly, even its pizzas are slightly non-traditional looking, with a stretched oval shape that requires its own specially designed to-go box. &Pizza's pies are often described as looking like skateboards, which could be why the company is giving away an actual pizza that has been permanently sealed inside an actual skateboard deck.

&Pizza Skateboard
Credit: courtesy of MSCHF Internet Studios

The one-of-a-kind Pizza Deck was a collaboration between &Pizza and MSCHF Internet Studios — pronounced "Mischief" — the company that says it "creates internets for the internet." (Its previous projects have included an extra-wide font for college students struggling to meet their professors' page requirements and a chatbot for insomniacs).

"At MSCHF, we are format agnostic always looking for new mediums to tell stories," MSCHF Director of Commerce Daniel Greenberg told Food & Wine. "I was always fascinated by resin and was pushing for it to be used in one project. When &pizza came to us, one of their asks was to highlight the shape of their pie, and that's where the deck came from."

The entire process took more than a month, and at least a dozen pizzas had to be sacrificed as MSCHF tested various methods of drying, casting, and preserving those pies. "It got pretty gross sometimes. In the end, it came out pretty well," creator Kevin Wiesner said. "It’s definitely a chonky boi, but it lets you ride around on a preserved pizza as a skateboard so what else do you really want?”

The final deck contains one permanently memorialized pizza, which is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. (&Pizza's menu calls it 'The OG,' in case you want to try a version that doesn't have wheels and trucks attached.) But this board isn't gonna stick around for long: &Pizza is giving it away at some point in the next two days.

In order to be eligible to win, you need to follow &Pizza on Instagram, and tag three friends in the comment section on their Pizza Deck. If you win, it might be worth asking if they'll throw in a free ampersand tattoo — it's worth a shot, at least.