Would you like to see a 10-foot-tall Pizzeria Due sign?

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 09, 2019
Credit: U.S. Pizza Museum

The U.S. Pizza Museum is about to become bigger and better than ever, and if you’ve been lamenting that you missed the Chicago-based pizza shrine’s original grand opening celebration, tickets to the grand re-opening event are available right now!

For those in need of a quick refresher, the U.S. Pizza Museum was originally conceived by founder Kendall Bruns in 2015 and launched as a pizza museum pop-up the following year. After numerous successful runs, the exhibition — which features Brun’s “personal collection of pizza-themed memorabilia” — found a permanent home in the Roosevelt Collection shops in Chicago’s South Loop last summer, opening to guest three days a week from Friday to Sunday.

Apparently, things have continued to go well since then because the museum is currently in the midst of a remodel and expansion to bring even more pizza exhibits to the masses. This larger space will feature over 100 new items — including vintage menus and advertisements, a 10-foot-tall Pizzeria Due sign from the 1980s, a Pizza Hut Electric Baking Oven from 1975 that allowed children to make pizza at home, and “Forever Pizza,” billed as a real slice of pizza preserved in acrylic by artist Steph Mantis. The remodel will see other improvements as well like a larger projection screen and the ability to hold more guests.

Credit: U.S. Pizza Museum

“We’ll have more on display than ever before and there will be more context to understand what you’re looking at,” Bruns explained. “For example, along with the Pizzeria Due sign we also have blueprints and photos of the sign when it was outside the pizzeria. It’s part of an exhibit that explores the origins of Pizzeria Uno and Due including key figures that sometimes get overlooked like Ric Riccardo and Alice Mae Redmond.”

Credit: U.S. Pizza Museum
Credit: U.S. Pizza Museum

The remodeled venue is set to launch on Friday, May 31 with an opening reception to follow on Saturday, June 1 at 12:30 p.m. which will feature a presentation by the pizza-master himself, Kendall Bruns, as well as free pizza, of course. Tickets to that event, as well as the museum in general, can be reserved at uspizzamuseum.com/tickets.

Until then, the museum says it will maintain its regular hours during the renovation.