Credit: MARK RALSTON / Staff

Where you’ll finish in your Oscar pool may still be up in the air, but if you’re a UK resident who shares a first name with a British Oscar nominee, you may already be a winner – of a free pizza.

Proving that the Academy Awards are truly a global event in the most pizza-centric way possible, Pizza Hut in the UK is giving away some free pies to people who share a first name with an Oscar nominee with British roots. The list includes Christian Bale, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Charlotte Rampling and Kate Winslet. I know what you’re thinking: Christian Bale is English? Apparently he moved to the US at age 17. Who knew?

Of course, there is a pretty major catch: To take advantage of the deal you have to jump through a number of hoops. First, although you can get any toppings you like, the total value of your free pie cannot exceed £15. Second, you have to have an ID proving your name. Third, the deal is only available at five participating restaurants. Fourth, the deal is only available on Oscar weekend: February 27 or 28. Fifth, each restaurant will only be giving away ten pizzas in total. Sixth, Pizza Hut isn’t actually giving away any pies.

Alright, I made that sixth one up, but with all the restrictions, it kind of feels that way doesn’t it?

Still, if you happen to be named Kate, and happen to be near the Strand London Pizza Hut, why not drop in to try to claim your free pie. Just make sure you beat the Duchess of Cambridge there. I feel like Kate Middleton is probably a pretty big Pizza Hut fan.