By Justine Sterling
Updated January 13, 2015
© Kamran Siddiqui

On Jan. 26, gluten-free officially goes mainstream—because that’s when Pizza Hut starts selling a gluten-free pepperoni pizza. “But Domino’s has been making a gluten-free crust for two years!” you’re saying. Well, this is different. While Domino’s crust is gluten-free, it is not certified gluten-free. Pizza Hut’s will be. Not only will the pizza crust be made with tapioca starch and rice flour, but the company is going so far as to store the crust, cheese, sauce and pepperoni in a container away from the glutinous ingredients. Employees will also be required to wear special gloves used only when handling gluten-free ingredients and slice the pizza with a gluten-free-only pizza cutter.

If you can’t wait two weeks to eat a piece of hot, fresh, certified gluten-free, cheesy, doughy goodness, Food & Wine has a great recipe for DIY gluten-free pepperoni pan pizza—no specialty gloves or pizza cutters required, unless you want them to be.