The pizza chain is releasing a limited edition jacket to accompany its new insulated delivery pouch.

Winter is coming. And as you prepare yourself with an updated winter wardrobe, America’s largest pizza chain Pizza Hut is too, with a new-and-improved, limited-edition "Pizza Parka” to accompany the launch of its new delivery pouch.

Both the delivery pouch and the parka combine 3M Thinsulate Insulation thermal technology, often used in winter jackets, with a PET Aluminum Radiant Barrier, a material that keeps astronauts warm. The third layer is a polyester fiber padding similar to the pink insulation found in homes. In addition, the Pizza Parka features a weather-resistant outer crust, a napkin gaiter, dual parmesan and red pepper pockets, as well as a marinara splash guard to protect your phone when ordering, and an order window to allow wearers to easily order their pies from the jacket’s sleeve.

pizza hut jacket
Credit: Courtesy of Pizza Hut

All of this will help delivered pies (and parka owners) stay up to 15 degrees warmer. According to Zipporah Allen, the chain’s Vice President of Marketing, "The Pizza Parka is going to keep the lucky recipients hot in the same cold-weather elements that our pizzas often endure on the delivery trip from our restaurants to their front doors."

pizza parka to keep pizza hot during delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Pizza Hut

How can you get your hands on one of your own? From today, until the end of October, National Pizza Month, anyone who orders online will be entered to win. If you aren’t hungry, you can tweet the pizza slice and flame emoji to @PizzaHut, for a chance, as well.

Pizza Hut has worked for years in an effort to improve the delivery pizza experience. This summer it announced plans to hire 14,000 new drivers by the end of 2017 and a network algorithm that combines weather, construction, traffic data to more accurately predict delivery times.