Credit: © Pizza Hut

America’s largest pizza chain has announced drastic changes to their menu. Starting on November 19, Pizza Hut will be unveiling what’s they’re calling “The Flavor of Now.”

What exactly is the “flavor of now”? Well, though classics won’t be taken off the menu, an almost overwhelming amount of new options are being added, attempting to jump on every trend from artisan toppings to healthy alternatives.

Here’s the rundown. Five new toppings are being added: Peruvian cherry peppers, fresh spinach, classic meatballs, sliced banana peppers and premium salami. Six sauces will now be available: classic marinara, honey Sriracha, premium crushed tomato, barbecue, creamy garlic parmesan and buffalo. Put all that on eight new crust flavors (too many to mention!) and then feel free to put a spiral of one of four “sauce drizzles” on top. Phew!

If ordering a pizza suddenly sounds like a schematic nightmare, don’t worry: Pizza Hut is rolling out eleven suggested pizzas utilizing the new ingredients with names like “Old Fashioned Meatbrawl” and “Cock-A-Doodle Bacon.” But to complicate things even further, they’re also offering new “Skinny Flavor” pies promising “only 250 calories or less per slice.”

The Cock-a-Doodle Bacon™

Also changing is the company logo, delivery boxes and uniforms (which will now be more casual with jeans and T-shirts).

Meanwhile, Josh Sanburn over at TIME actually tasted some of the new menu, declaring it “better than it sounds.” He described the aforementioned Meatbrawl as “a reasonably restrained update on the classic topping” and said a pie called the “Pretzel Piggy,” “worked, kind of” despite being “convoluted.”

The Hut’s CEO David Gibbs is calling the changes, “one of the biggest moves we’ve ever made in our history.” I’m left wondering why they don’t just change the company name while they’re at it too. It’s going to take a lot more than a tiny hut to hold all these new ingredients.