But only if the first touchdown is scored within the first 14 seconds of the game. 

pizza hut
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

America has its Super Bowl teams: the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. The countdown to one of the biggest nights for sports in this country has begun. While Philadelphia sends maintenance workers out to grease up the city’s street poles with Crisco and you’re busy planning the menu for your Super Bowl Party, companies are trying to capitalize on football hysteria by teasing the possibility of free food. But there is a catch, of course.

Bud Light — following in the footsteps of a possibly joking Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson — has promised the entire city of Philadelphia free beer if the Eagles win the Super Bowl. That’s 1.5 million free beers, by the way. Now, Pizza Hut is joining the fun: The chain says it will offer free medium two-topping pizzas to its Hut Rewards members, but only if the players break one very specific record. One of the teams will have to score the fastest touchdown in Super Bowl history, earning those covered 7 points in the first 14 seconds of the game. Devin Hester, former wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, who scored a touchdown following the game’s opening kickoff, currently holds the record, according to CNBC.

It seems extremely unlikely, if not nearly impossible and clearly very rare, that either team will score a touchdown in that slim time period, so there’s not much risk that Pizza Hut is going to be on the hook for that many free pies. Still, there’s always a chance that the record will be broken, so that might encourage some people to sign up for the Pizza Hut rewards program.

There are some other — perhaps more universally useful — reasons to give Pizza Hut props: The chain is now delivering beer and wine along with its pies — a crucial element to most successful pizza dinners in adulthood — and in the U.K., vegan pies are now on the menu.