By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 29, 2016
Pizza Hut, flick football, pizza box
Credit: © Pizza Hut

Study hall: Where the A- and B-students caught up on their work, the D- and F-students went out for a smoke, and the C-students killed their meaningless time by engaging in a game of flick football that eventually digressed into seeing if one of them could “accidentally” bounce that triangle-shaped piece of folded paper off the teacher’s head.

Now, Pizza Hut is bringing all that borderline-excitement directly to its customers. Starting today, medium pizza boxes will be printed with a flick football playing field and come with punch-out paper footballs, a scorecard and even goalposts. Yup, no more holding up your fingers to make a goalpost for Pizza Hut fans (though without the ability to suddenly bend your fingers inward to limit your opponent’s field goal chances, you basically have no strategy).

Though the idea of turning pizza boxes into flick football sets is fun in theory, I do wonder about the practicality. No one really loves flick football. Even as a kid, it was only a time waster until something more exciting came along – the kind of game you play at a restaurant between ordering and when your food arrives so you didn’t have to have a real conversation with your family. But even then, the game is best enjoyed on a playing surface like a desk or a table. I doubt there’s enough room to play flick football on a large pizza box let alone a medium pizza box.

But don’t worry if you also think the concept is a little hokey, Pizza Hut has some great ideas to get you on board. The pizza chain is also sponsoring a “Flick Football Challenge,” awarding prizes to people who share videos of their paper football skills on Twitter. From there, the brand “will select weekly winners based upon different challenges including longest flick, most consecutive made flicks, most creative flick, among others,” Nation’s Restaurant News quoted the brand as saying.

Still not jumping with excitement? Pizza Hut has one more trick up their sleeve: Dallas Cowboys placekick Dan Bailey! This could be the first time a kicker has been chosen as a spokesman by a national restaurant chain! “As a professional football kicker, I know a thing or two about the pressure that comes with trying to put one through the uprights when the game is on the line,” Bailey said in a statement. He also knows that when you’re a lowly placekicker and Pizza Hut says they want to cut you a check, you don’t ask questions, you just say yes!