It's the ultimate mash-up of dorm room flavors.

nissin pizza cup noodles
Credit: Courtesy of Nissin / Getty Images

If pizza delivery and instant ramen are the two most college-y food sources, then stick this product in a sweatshirt with Greek letters on it and offer it a can Natty Light, because the most "college" food ever finally here: pizza Cup Noodles. We've seen some pretty creative Cup Noodle releases in the past—there were those summertime iced Cup Noodles, that jet black Squid Ink Black Seafood Cup Noodle, and even that super oxymoronic luxury line, Cup Noodles Rich—but this is the one that fully embraces the whole 2 a.m. in a tiny dorm room aesthetic that comes with Cup Noodles.

According to SoraNews24, the product's full name is the Cup Noodle Cheese Pizza Potato Tomato Flavor Big (catchy, right?), and it combines a tomato- and cheese-flavored broth with pieces of cabbage, chunks of potato, cubes of cheddar cheese, bits of bacon-flavored pork, and, of course, noodles. This pizza-flavored Cup Noodle is really just the logical next step, considering that we've already seen a pizza topped with ramen and a pizza with a ramen crust, ramen-burger-style.

These pizza-flavored cup noodles are surprisingly normal compared to some of the other pizza-flavored foods we've seen, like the pizza ice cream in Philadelphia or the even more bizarre pizza-scented bath bombs that are available for sale on Etsy.

According to the Nissin Foods Group, the company behind Cup Noodle, the Cup Noodle Cheese Pizza Potato Tomato Flavor Big will be released on November 13 throughout Japan. A 100-gram container will sell for 205 yen (about $1.80). If people want to eat these noodles late at night without waking up their roommates, there's a fork for that: Nissin recently released the Otohiko, a rather complex, noise-canceling invention whose sole purpose is to cover up the sounds that you make when you're slurping your noodles.