Have the stars aligned to deliver one large pepperoni pizza to your door tonight?

Look up at the stars. What do you see? Constellations, galaxies, your future—maybe pizza? For followers of the zodiac, those among us who regularly read our horoscopes looking for some guidance about our romantic prospects and career path, these sparkling points of light can provide us with all the (cryptic) answers we need to get through life: When to buy a house or propose to your girlfriend, and yeah, even what pizza to eat.

Pizza Horoscopes
Credit: Rei Young/Weber Shandwick

Thanks to DiGiorno, we now have the zodiac chart no one ever guessed we would need: It’s a pie chart (pun intended, yes) which details what type of pizza represents your personality, based on your zodiac sign, and its perfect for indecisive orderers (aka Libras). True, your taste buds are good enough indicators of what type of pizza you should be eating, but give me a chance explain the genius of DiGiorno’s pizzascope.

First of all, there’s something to be said for eating foods that match your personality. Take people who were born under the Capricorn sign. They’re usually responsible, disciplined, and practice good self-control. It makes sense then, that they’d opt for a practical, as-healthy-as-you-can-get pizza style: garlic, spinach, and mushrooms.

What about me, a Pisces? According to the pizzascope, Pisces—a water sign—likes to “go with the flow,” meaning this sign will eat whatever style the rest of the group decides on. That’s true, to a point—I’m not a pushover, I’m just easy to please in the pizza department.

Like I said, if you can't choose a pizza order, let this zodiac chart make the choice for you. Truthfully, most people are like me—any type of pizza will do, because it’s all likely to taste delicious (except for maybe that Hawaiian pie. What are you thinking Gemini?!). You have to pick your toppings, though, so why not let the stars be your guide? It’s just a pizza after all—not a mortgage. While it might be tempting to let your horoscope decide those big decisions, it’s probably best to check with your banker first.