The adorable short film about a dumpling come to life will play in theaters before 'Incredibles 2.'
Credit: Pamela Lao/Getty Images

When word spread a couple weeks ago that Pixar was would be releasing a short film called ‘Bao’ about a dumpling that comes to life, food lovers pricked up their ears. First, it’s Pixar—a production studio that, no matter how many times your kid has forced you to watch Cars 2, still has one of the best reputations in the biz. Speaking of which, Pixar has already shown their prowess in the food realm with 2007’s Ratatouille. Add to all this the prospect of an anthropomorphic dumpling, and—boom—what more do you need?

Well, perhaps in response to that likely unexpected buzz (How often do you hear people talk about a short film? They give Oscars for those things every year and most people probably can’t name any of them!), yesterday, the official Disney Pixar Twitter account tweeted out a 30-second clip of the animated short that’s slated to run ahead of showings of Incredibles 2 when it hits theaters on June 15 and will make its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month.

Admittedly, not much happens in the half-minute preview that shows the lead character, described in the studio’s original tease as “an aging Chinese mom,” discovering her little dumpling coming to life. It doesn’t have the rollicking excitement of, say, the opening scene to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? However, the preview does hit upon a different Pixar specialty: tear-inducing sentimentality.

Still, we can still pull plenty from this brief clip (which, since the whole short is only eight minutes long, is actually 1/16th of the entire film!) First, if that Chinese mother is “aging,” we need to get on her dumpling diet because she looks great. Second, certainly movies come with suspension of disbelief, but let’s be honest, if one of your dumplings suddenly sprouted little arms and legs and started crying, you wouldn’t be hugging the thing: You’d be running out of the restaurant as quickly as possible. But jokes aside, the whole thing does look incredibly endearing—which begs the question, why are you trying to make us cry before Incredibles 2, Pixar? Our popcorn isn’t even finished yet! Now it’s going to get all wet and soggy!