The full-service restaurant and bar will feature a daiquiri bar and cocktail lounge.

The Miami restaurant scene is about to get a lot more interesting thanks to the culinary stylings of Mr. Worldwide.

The ubiquitous Miami-born artist will be opening a restaurant, iLov305, inside what used to be the Bon Air Hotel, according to The Real Deal Miami. While details regarding the specific concept or type of food have not yet been revealed, there will be reportedly be a daiquiri bar and cocktail lounge, because this is South Beach and Pitbull is Pitbull.

If you’re surprised that Pitbull, né Armando Christian Perez, is entering the food space, you haven’t been paying attention. Not only does he own a restaurant in the Dominican Republic, but he’s an investor in Miami Subs Grill, so the new venture makes perfect sense, certainly more than the lyric “Your man just left/I’m the plumber tonight.”

“It will be a full-service restaurant and bar,” said Alfredo Gonzalez, the attorney behind the project. “This project will be activating the corner of 10th Street and Ocean, which has been very quiet.” Pitbull will join Emilio and Gloria Estafan as the only other restaurant-owners on Ocean Drive.

And, don’t worry, this won’t be an instance of a celebrity tacking a name onto a restaurant without actually getting involved in the project. (We won’t name names.) “Pitbull and his team will be actively involved,” a spokesperson told The Real Deal Miami.